What We Offer

Philanthropy is more than million-dollar donations.

Philanthropy is a unique, determined spirit found inside the dedicated volunteer, the devoted mentor or the compassionate person who looks in on an elderly neighbor. It is inside each of us.

Join us in helping make the Chicago region the most philanthropic in the nation—whether by applying for a grant, starting a donor relationship, or participating in any number of events throughout the year.

We invite you to learn more about all the ways you can get involved.

Apply for a grant

Find grant opportunities to support your work

We can help you find the right funding opportunity, find forms and instructions, browse recent grant recipients or talk to someone who can answer your questions.

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Six teenagers carrying school books walk in pairs past a large sign showing arrows in many directions

City College ‘Navigators’ Guide High School Seniors Toward Success

Participate in an event

Explore new ideas and themes through our programing

Join us in participating in a wide range of substantive, thought-provoking events and programs the Trust supports throughout the year.

On the Table brings together thousands of Chicago-area residents in small groups to share a meal and discuss ways they can work together to make our communities stronger, safer and more dynamic. On May 10, 2016, more than 55,000 residents met around more than 3,500 tables to build unity across our region. Learn more about On the Table.

Mahjeed Marrow with a student from his citizenship class write on the classroom whiteboard

In a Segregated City, Refugees and Volunteers Build Community of Citizenship