Cook County Court Foreclosure Mediation Program

The Circuit Court of Cook County created the Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program to deliver critical services to Cook County homeowners in crisis as early as possible once the foreclosure process begins. The program makes free help from housing counselors and attorneys available to homeowners who have received a foreclosure summons.

Using funds from Cook County, The Chicago Community Trust awarded community outreach grants to promote face-to-face outreach. Our nonprofit partners help ensure that any homeowner who has received a foreclosure summons (1) learns about the Program from a reputed, well-informed source, (2) is referred to the Program Helpline and (3) receives a follow-up visit or a phone call to verify that he or she has engaged with the Program.

With the support and information provided through the mediation program, homeowners in foreclosure are able to explore their options to either stay in their homes or negotiate a respectable exit.