Lifeline Theatre

Like most artists and arts organizations, Lifeline just wants to change the world. We pursue the change we seek through the stories we tell on stage -- hoping to inspire, to provoke and to illuminate our shared humanity. We join forces with our neighborhood schools, businesses and organizations and work as active partners to improve our corner of the universe. Shortly after its inception in 1982, Lifeline began to specialize in new work, particularly literary adaptations. Though the names in our artistic ensemble have changed over our 26 years, we have maintained a diversity of disciplines within the ensemble, comprising actors, directors, designers and writers. A team of differing opinions and different areas of expertise, with a long history of new script development, we are proud of our reputation as a forge for new work. Lifeline is a dynamic part of the social fabric of Rogers Park, as well as being an important part of the Chicago theater scene. We have made Rogers Park our home since 1985 and are commi

Purpose: To develop a touring model for Lifeline's KidsSeries