826CHI, Inc., NFP

826CHI first opened its doors in 2005, with the knowledge that our program model had already proven successful. 826CHI is a Chicago-based chapter of a national network of like-minded organizations all based on the success of 826 Valencia, founded in 2002 by writer/publisher Dave Eggers and educator N?nive Calegari. Backed by 826 Valencia's then three years of program development, implementation and evaluation, 826CHI was able to begin offering high-quality programming to students immediately. 826CHI now partners with 826 National, a network of seven sister chapters. While each chapter operates as an independent nonprofit with unique aspects to its educational and artistic programming, personnel, and fundraising, this alliance acts as a valuable network through which we may share best practices, overcome common challenges, and form valuable connections with supporters. Over four years, 826CHI has become a thriving part of the Chicago community, growing exponentially and strategically to meet local needs.


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