Donors who make a difference

The Trust’s impact is the combined effort of business leaders giving back. Families working together. Concerned neighbors championing their communities. Every donor has a story.

Every day, families, organizations, businesses and individuals just like you are working to tackle the region’s most pressing needs. We thank you all for your dedication to a stronger, healthier community. Find out how we can help you make your difference.

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Donor Index

This list features the names of those who made a contribution of $250 or more to The Chicago Community Trust from October 1, 2013, to September 30, 2014. We are profoundly grateful to all the generous individuals, families, organizations, businesses and foundations who have provided for the future of the Chicago region.

  • 0-9

    122 Willow Drive Inc.
    36 Foundation

  • A

    Ms. Adel B. Abdul-Malek
    Michael Abramson Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts
    Abri Credit Union
    Mr. and Mrs. Hall Adams Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hall Adams III
    Mr. and Mrs. Gil Adams
    Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
    After School Advantage LLC
    Mr. Karim Ahamed
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Alavi
    James L. Alexander and Curtis D. Prayer
    Mr. Jimmie R. Alford and Ms. Maree G. Bullock
    Alliance Contractors, Inc.
    Allstate Insurance Company
    The Allstate Foundation
    The Allstate Insurance Company
    Mr. Oswaldo Alvarez
    Ms. Nedaa Alwawi
    American Federation of Teachers Local #604
    American Endowment Foundation
    American Community Bank & Trust
    Mr. John C. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Andrew
    Nikhil Angelo
    Aon Foundation
    Arborjet, Inc.
    Ariel Investments, LLC
    Mr. Vernon Armour
    Mr. and Mrs. V. Kelley Armour
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Armstrong
    Ms. Betsy Armstrong and Mr. Douglas Armstrong
    Mr. Daniel O. Ash
    Association of Fundraising Professionals
    Mr. John Atkinson
    Mr. and Mrs. George Atkinson
    Mr. Edward D. Atz and Mrs. Susan Atz
    Automotive Parts Associates, Inc.
    Ms. Lynn Donaldson and Mr. Cameron S. Avery
    AXA Foundation
    AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company

  • B

    Mr. Eugene W. Bader
    Mr. Christopher Baer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baird
    Baird Foundation, Inc.
    Baird & Warner Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Barrett D. Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Balz
    Bandon Dunes
    Bank of America Foundation
    Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
    Bank of America
    The William C. Bannerman Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Barnes II
    The Barr Fund
    Mr. John Bartlett
    Ms. Enriqueta Bauer and Mr. Ronald G. Bauer
    The Kiran Bavikatte Memorial Fund
    Mrs. Ramya Bavikatte and Ms. Shilpa Bavikatte
    Mr. Jason M. Baxendale
    Baxter International, Inc.
    Beard Family Foundation
    Kenneth Beard Trust
    Ms. Ellen A. Bechthold
    Mr. and Ms. William J. Beck
    Francis Beidler III and Prudence R. Beidler Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. David P. Belmonte
    Ms. Catherine Bendowitz
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benedetti
    Benjamin Moore & Co.
    The Reverend and Mrs. Howard C. Benson
    Ms. Marjorie C. Benton and Mr. Charles Benton
    Mr. Norman S. Benzaquen
    Berger Family Foundation
    The Berghorst Foundation Inc.
    J.D. Bergman Charitable Foundation
    The Bessemer National Gift Fund
    Best Portion Foundation
    Best Buy Purchasing LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Beu
    Mr. Ruediger H. Beutell
    Mr. Greta M. Bever
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Birck
    Birck Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Bischoff
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Bradley Bissell
    Mr. Walter K. Blake
    Mrs. Judith S. Block and Mr. Philip D. Block III
    Mr. and Mrs. George R. Block
    Mr. David J. Blockowicz
    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bloomfield
    Ms. Sherri Blount
    Blue Foundation
    Blum-Kovler Foundation
    BMO Harris Bank
    BMO Financial Corp.
    Bobolink Foundation
    The Boeing Company
    James B. Bolin Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bolt
    Mr. Michael A. Boush
    Ms. Jane G. Boutet
    Mrs. Dulcy Brainard
    Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Brandwein
    Braun Family Foundation
    The Braverman Group Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Breckenridge Jr.
    Mr. Kevin Brennan
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brenner
    Mr. Merwyn B. Brodsky
    Ms. Eloise J. Brooks and Ms. Bonnie A. Brooks
    Mr. Ben C. Brostoff
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Brown
    Ms. Jen F. Brown
    Ms. Carole L. Brown
    Ms. Andreason L. Brown
    Ms. Louise Desjardins and Mr. Jacques Brunswick
    The Buchanan Family Foundation
    The John Buck Company
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Buddig
    Ms. Lesley A. Bunim
    Burberry Foundation
    The Burridge D. Butler Memorial Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Burridge Jr.

  • C

    Mr. Martin Cabrera Jr.
    Mr. J. Melfort Campbell
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Campobasso
    Timothy M. Canning Dynasty Trust
    Michael G. Canning Dynasty Trust
    Ms. Mary Canning and Mr. Patrick J. Canning
    Elizabeth Canning Dynasty Trust
    Mr. Bert Carstens
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Carton
    Ms. Mary M. Case
    Mr. James A. Casey and Mrs. Ann B. Casey
    Caterpillar, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Catlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Cawley
    Centegra Health System Foundation
    Center Street Foundation
    Center for Correctional Concerns
    Central Indiana Community Foundation, The Indianapolis Foundation
    Certified Public Accountants
    Mr. Pedro Cevallos-Candau
    CGO Wealth Management LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Chabraja
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chandler Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. Chandler
    Charity Buzz
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Chen
    Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
    Mr. George Cheung
    Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture
    The Chicago Community Trust
    The Chicago Community Foundation
    Chicago Board Options Exchange
    The Chicago Bar Foundation
    The City of Chicago Office of the Comptroller
    Chicago Chapter
    Chipotle Mexican Grill
    Ms. Vivian G. Chiu and Mr. Kung Ying Chiu
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Chomicz
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Brian Christianson
    Circle of Service Foundation, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cirone
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Citera
    CL Graphics
    Mr. Roger C. Claar
    Clarity Partners, LLC
    Mrs. Lorna C. Ferguson and Dr. Terry N. Clark
    Vera and Frank Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Clemens
    CME Group Community Foundation
    Mr. Ed Coates and Mrs. Samantha Coates
    Jacob & Rosaline Cohn Foundation
    Ms. Hailey Johnson Cole
    Mrs. Ilene Cole
    Julian Coleman, Jr. & Company, LTD
    The Coleman Foundation, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Collens
    Ms. Michelle L. Collins
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Collins
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Colodny
    ComEd, An Exelon Company
    Community Foundation of Will County
    Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
    Mariita Conley Trust
    Frederic W. Cook & C o. Inc.
    Ms. Stephena Cook Romanoff
    Ms. Melissa J. Cooney
    Mr. Kent H. Cooney
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cooper
    Marvin and Gwen Cooper Living Trust
    R. William Cornell, Jr. Trust
    Mr. John Costello
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cottle
    Mr. Kenneth Coulter
    City of Countryside
    Margaret K. Crane Trust
    Ms. Deborah Z. Creigh
    Ms. Carol Crenshaw
    Ms. Juju Lien and Mr. Robert C. Cross
    Ms. Lorna Crowl
    Arie and Ida Crown Memorial
    Ms. Elizabeth I. Crown
    Ms. Christine B. Crum
    Ms. Pamela Crutchfield
    The Crystal Lake Strikers Drumline c/o Aron Shepley
    Crystal Lake Food Pantry
    Ms. Sandra Vitantonio and Mr. Tilden Cummings Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Terence R. Cummings
    Curran Group, Inc.
    CVS Corporation Pharmacy Inc.
    Cycle Service Nordic APS

  • D

    Ms. Billie S. Booth and Mr. Joseph L. Dalton
    Datamation Imaging Services
    Mr. and Mrs. Kent Dauten
    Mr. Laurence A. Davaney
    Mrs. Milton O. Davis
    Kassie Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Dawning
    Mr. Walt Delevich
    The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dershin
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Deutsch
    DeVry Education Group
    Dewey Square Group
    Mr. Prasit Dhakal
    Ms. Elaine Diamond
    Ms. Amina J. Dickerson
    Ms. Robin R. Doeden
    Ms. Susan A. Manning and Mr. Douglas A. Doetsch
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dollinger
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Domagola
    Don Family Foundation
    Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
    Mr. David Donnelly
    The Donnelley Foundation
    DonorPath Inc.
    Mr. Timothy Dooley and Mrs. Kim J. Dooley
    David F. Dooley Trust
    Dorion Gray Financial Services
    Mr. and Mrs. Guy O. Dove III
    Ms. Mary A. Draudt and Mr. Wayne J. Draudt
    The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
    The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Driscoll
    Mr. Lawrence A. DuBose
    Craig J. Duchossois Revocable Trust
    Duchossois Share Services, Inc.
    Ms. Golria Duday
    Mr. T. McDougal and Ms. S. Duncan
    Mrs. Ronald W. Dunmire
    Ms. Mary A. Dutra
    Mrs. Andrew C. Dystrup

  • E

    Mr. and Mrs. Marty C. Eckstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Edelman
    Mr. Charles L. Edwards
    Efroymson-Hamid Family Foundation
    Ms. Alexandra Egan
    Sharon and Bob Eichinger
    Ms. Linda Ellis
    Mr. Marc Engel
    Ms. Kerri Johnson Ente
    Epstein Foundation (formerly The Sidney Epstein and Sondra Berman Epstein Foundation)
    Equistrust Life Insurance Company
    Dr. and Mrs. James C. Erickson III
    Ernst & Young LLP
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Erwin
    Ms. Judy Erwin
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Estey
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans
    Ms. Inessa S. Even
    EventLife, LLC
    Exelon Foundation
    Exelon Business Services

  • F

    Family Eye Physicians LTD.
    Ms. Virginia R. Farley
    Mr. Yaroslav Faybishenko
    Robert H Fergus
    Mr. Patrick M. Ferguson
    Elizabeth Ferguson Foundation
    Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Field V
    The Field Foundation of Illinois Inc.
    Fieldland Investment Co
    Mr. Martin Filler
    Mr. Barry L. Finkelstein
    Finnegan Family Foundation
    First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest
    First National Bank of McHenry
    Mr. Paul L. Fischl
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Fish
    Mr. Frank Fishella
    Ms. Maureen L. Fitzpatrick
    Mr. Dennis J. FitzSimons
    Ms. Ruth W. Flower
    Mr. and Mrs. Andy Flynn
    Foglia Family Foundation
    Mr. Jeffrey M. Grinspoon and Mr. Jon Foley
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ford
    Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Ford
    The Ford Foundation
    Forman Realty Corporation
    Beverly F. Forman Trust
    Forst Foundation Lincoln Investment
    Ms. Jennifer A. Fortner
    Sara Foszcz Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Gerald Fox
    Denise C. Foy Trust
    Susan B. Frangella Revocable Trust
    J.S. Frank Foundation
    Ms. Paula M. Frank
    Mr. David G. Herro and Mr. Jay Franke
    Carlyle Fraser Employees Benefit Fund
    The Frate Group
    Mr. and Mrs. Willard G. Fraumann
    Ruth Frejd Charitable Trust
    Ruth Frejd Charitable Remainder Unitrust
    Ms. Pauline J. Friedman
    Ms. Marilyn F. Friedman
    Philip M. Friedmann Charitable Lead Annuity Trust FBO Jordan
    Philip M. Friedmann Charitable Lead Annuity Trust FBO Kali
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Froy
    Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
    Mr. James Fuerholzer and Mrs. Arlon Fuerholzer
    Full Circle Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fuller III
    Mr. Mark Furlong
    Mr. James F. Futrell

  • G

    G.W. Peoples Contracting Co. Inc.
    Mr. Paul E. Gantzert
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Garbowicz
    Gary and Denise Gardner Family Foundation
    Ms. Corliss V. Garner
    Garrett Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Garrow
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Mr. John Geiringer
    The Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust
    Mr. Christopher J. Gibbons
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Gidwitz
    Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co., LLC
    Ms. Norma S. Glass
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser
    Global Charitable Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Goldberg
    Golden Eagle Community Bank
    Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
    Mr. Paul Goldstein
    Ms. Joan Goldstein
    Ms. Ana Gomez
    Ms. Nancy Goodman
    Mr. Lawrence Goodman
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gore III
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gores
    Gorter Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Gracias
    Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program
    Mrs. Sheila G. Davaney and Mr. Larry K. Graham
    Grand Victoria Foundation
    Richard and Mary L. Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. Mel A. Gray
    Mr. Daniel J. Green
    Jack Greenberg Charitable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Greenberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Greisman
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Grenesko
    Ms. Michelle L. Mouton-Greuling and Mr. John E. Greuling
    Ms. Marguerite H. Griffin, J.D.
    Mrs. Anne Dias-Griffin and Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin
    Ruth N. Griffin Trust
    Ms. Erika L. Grim
    Mrs. Herbert W. Grindel
    Eileen Grinspoon Trust
    Grosvenor Holdings LLC
    Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.
    D & M Grumhaus Fund
    Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company
    Guggenheim Capital, LLC
    Mr. Angel Gutierrez
    Mr. Randolph Gwirtzman

  • H

    Mr. Andy Haaf
    Ms. Diane F. Habiger and Mr. Cyril Habiger
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hadac
    Mr. William C. Haffner
    Mr. Donald E. Hahn
    Nancy S. Hall Trust
    Ms. Joanie Hall
    Ms. Shelle E. Hamer
    James W. Hammond Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hancock
    Ms. Mary-Martha Hancock
    Hanover Park Animal Hospital – Care Center
    Ms. Amina M. Khan and Mr. Ashraf A. Haque
    Ms. Mary E. Harland
    The Irving Harris Foundation
    Ms. Stephanie F. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Harris
    Harris Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hartfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hartung
    Mr. and Mrs. Elmer L. Hass
    Mr. and Mrs. John Held Jr.
    Ms. Leslie Bluhm and Mr. David Helfand
    Henderson Investments LLC
    Ms. Frances Henkel
    Mrs. Judith Daso Herb and Mr. Marvin J. Herb
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Hering
    Mr. David D. Hiller
    Barbara Notz Hines Foundation
    Ms. C. Sue Strohkirch and Mr. David B. Hirschey
    The Hitachi Foundation
    HNTB Corporation
    Hoban Family Charitable Foundation
    Ms. Katherine L. Nee and Mr. Michael E. Hobbs
    Ms. María C. Bechily and Mr. Scott Hodes
    Ms. Gail T. Hodges and Mr. Thomas Hodges
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoffman
    Ms. Barbara Hoffman
    Jean M. Hoffmaster Trust
    Holland Capital Management LLC
    Ms. Sarah N. Holmes
    The Reverend Dennis H. Holtschneider
    Joel and Carol Honigberg Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hoops
    Ms. Sandra Hopper
    Yvonne F Hopson Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Horas
    Mr. John E. Horn
    Mr. Mark Hornfeld
    Mr. Eric T. Hornik
    LaVerne R. Hosek Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Howe
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Hughes
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hull
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Humphrey
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hunken
    Hunting Foundation
    Ms. Doris H. Hunzinger
    Hyatt Corporation
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hyndman

  • I

    Illinois Tool Works Foundation
    Illinois AFL-CIO
    Imagine That
    Infant Welfare Society of Evanston
    Mr. Mark S. Inserra and Mrs. Judith A. Inserra
    Institute of International Education
    Integrated Coaching Solutions Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Iorgulescu
    Jorge Iorgulescu IRA
    Ms. Julie L. Weltz and Mr. Thomas Irvine
    Mr. Geoffrey Isaac and Mrs. Haralyn Isaac
    Ms. Mary Ittelson

  • J

    Mr. Michael I. Jacobs
    Bill Jacobs Joliet LLC
    John C. Jadel IRA
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jadel
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy Jalloway
    Mr. Oreal James
    Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Jannotta Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Jennings
    The Jessica Fund
    Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
    Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County
    Jewish Communal Fund
    Jobs For The Future, Inc.
    Ms. Sharyn Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
    Ms. Chelsea Johnson
    Mr. Bruce J. Johnson
    Ms. Marcia Slater Johnston and Mr. Roger B. Johnston
    Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Joliet Grade Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence
    Mr. Darrell Jones
    Ms. Ercilia Jonas
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jordan
    Mr. Christopher J. Jowett
    Mr. John M. Joyce and Mrs. Sally O. Joyce
    The Joyce Foundation
    Ms. Abby M. O’Neil and Mr. D. Carrol Joynes
    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
    JPMorgan Chase & Company
    The Judy Family Foundation

  • K

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Kachadurian
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kaesdorf
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kaiser
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kaiser
    Mr. John J. Kanya
    Ms. Carol M. Cooper and Mr. Michael J. Kaplan
    Kaplan Foundation
    Ms. Christine F. Karger
    Mr. and Mrs. Abdul S. Karim
    Karl Knauz Motors, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Alvin M. Karlin
    The Karmel Law Firm
    Ms. Maggie Kast
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Keim
    Michael L. Keiser Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kella
    Ms. Lucille M. Keller
    Judy and John P. Keller
    Keller Group, Inc
    George D. Kennedy Charitable Lead Trust
    Mr. Christopher G. Kennedy and Mrs. Sheila Kennedy
    Mr. and Mrs. Richmond W. Kenyon II
    Ms. Mary H. Kerr
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Stewart Kerr
    The Roy G. Kerr Foundation
    Mr. Peter Kim
    Ms. Ji Hye Kim
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul King
    Mr. and Mrs. Neil King
    Ms. Adrienne C. King
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Kiphart
    Mr. Christopher Kirk
    Mr. and Mrs. Remo Kistner
    Mr. Daniel Kitzis
    Wayne G. Klasing Trust
    Ms. Ruth B. Kleiman
    Ms. Rebecca K. Klein
    Klimczak Foundation
    Harriet B. Klinger Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Klues
    John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
    Rhonda G. Kodjayan Trust
    Dolores Kohl Education Foundation
    Kohn-Joseloff Foundation, Inc.
    Patricia and Martin Koldyke
    Patricia B. Koldyke Trust
    Mukund Komanduri, M.D. S.C.
    Mr. Bill Kotun
    Jack Kraft Family Trust
    Ms. Michelle Kranicke
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry P. Kraus
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Krebs
    Mr. Liam Krehbiel
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Krehbiel II
    Lawrence J. Krueger Revocable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Krug
    Ms. Rose M. Kupsche and Mr. Roy H. Kupsche

  • L

    Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Lacher
    LaGrange Highlands Womans Club-Benevolence Committee
    Mr. William C. Lahey
    Mr. Joseph Lambert and Mrs. Karen Lambert
    Victory Lampert
    Mr. and Mrs. Murray Landau
    Mr. and Mrs. William Landes
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Landis
    Mr. Robert Lane
    Ms. Emma Jane Lang and Mr. Richard A. Lang
    Lannan Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.E. Lansing
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Larkins
    Ms. Elizabeth Larsen
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Larson
    Ms. Marlene Lassman
    Mr. Benjamin Ho and Mr. John A. Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lee
    Mr. Dwight E. Lee
    Ms. Suzy Newman and Mr. Jon Lehman
    Mr. and Mrs. M. James Leider
    Ms. Julie Lenner
    Janet Leno Revocable Trust
    Lesnik Charitable Foundation
    Ms. Cheryl Levi
    Lewis University
    LFH Foundation Prospect Associates
    Mr. Thomas Liebman
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Liebman
    Estate of Mary Elizabeth Liebman
    Mary and Charles S. Liebman
    Life Care Services, LLC
    Lincolnshire Senior Care, LLC
    Mr. Jack K. Lipson and Mrs. Sara C. Lipson
    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Livingston
    Ms. Peggy A. Loar
    Local 881 UFCW
    Mrs. Robert C. Long
    Loop Capital Markets
    Ms. Michele Lopatin
    Ms. Lindsey Lopatin
    Ms. Ilyse Lopatin
    Mr. and Mrs. Horacio Lopez
    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Loudon
    Michael W. Louis Charitable Trust
    Mr. Joseph G. Loundy
    Ms. Terry Gonzales-Lowry and Mr. William E. Lowry Jr.
    Mr. William A. Lowry
    Ms. Mary B. Richardson-Lowry and Mr. Mark Lowry
    The Lumpkin Family Foundation
    Ms. Christie Luna
    William T. Lynch Jr. Charitable Trust
    Lyons Township High School

  • M

    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mabie
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Mabie
    The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. David O. MacKenzie MacFund
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mackey
    MacLean-Fogg Company
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Madigan
    Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC
    Ms. Bertha G. Magaña
    Dr. Elaine Maimon and Mr. Mort Maimon
    Ms. Rose Mancuso
    Marie Mangini Trust
    Mr. Lawrence D. Mann
    Ms. Patti Hickey Manz
    Mr. Frank Margaron
    Ms. Lori Zabar and Mr. Mark Mariscal
    Law Offices of Dvorah Markman
    Mars Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Newton Marshall
    Ms. Carolyn L. Martens
    Martin Whalen Office Solutions
    Ms. Elizabeth Martin
    Ms. Christine T. Marz
    Ms. Anne Reusché and Mr. David Marzahl
    Mathews Company
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mathias
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Matthei
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Maurer
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Mayer Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Mayer
    Beatrice Cummings Mayer
    Mayer Brown LLP
    Terry and Lottie Mazany
    Ms. Jeanne L. McAtamney and Mr. Kenneth J. McAtamney
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. McCaskey
    Scott D. McClain Trust
    Robert R. McCormick Foundation
    Mr. Michael P. McCormick
    Mr. and Mrs. David McCoy
    Drs. McCullom, P.C.
    Mr. Rob McCutcheon
    McDonald’s Corporation
    Mr. Donald W. McEntee
    Mr. Michael B. McGill, CLU, ChFC
    Mr. Vincent K. McGirr
    Mr. John McGowan
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. McGranahan
    Sister Maureen McGrath
    The McHenry County Community Foundation
    MCKAYS Fund Baird Foundation
    Delos D. McKnight Trust
    Mrs. Sarah Ramsaur McLean and Mr. Grey McLean
    Ms. Elizabeth I. McLean
    Mr. Terrence McMahon
    Dr. Sally Walshe and Mr. Thomas P. McMenamin
    Andrew & Jeanine McNally Charitable Foundation
    Mrs. Julie L. Bessent and Mr. Mark McNally
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meiners
    Mr. Mark Meiners
    Ms. Diana Mendoza
    Mesirow Financial
    Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Michelin
    Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
    Mr. Ryan E. Miller
    Miller Group Charitable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Corey Minturn
    Ms. Bernard L. Mirkin
    Mitsuboshi Belting Inc.
    Mrs. Kathryn K. Mlsna
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Mogentale
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mohr
    Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America
    Mrs. Janet P. Montgomery
    Anne and Mead Montgomery Family Foundation
    Mr. Minyon Moore
    Ms. Kimberly Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Jose B. Morales
    Mr. James J. Morgan
    Ms. Dahlia Morgan
    Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Moroni
    Carrie Morris, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Morrison
    Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation
    Morrison-Shearer Foundation
    The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
    Mr. John W. Morse
    The David and Linda Moscow Foundation
    Mrs. Suzanne Kopp-Moskow and Mr. Michael H. Moskow
    Mr. and Mrs. Seymour A. Motel
    Motorola Solutions Foundation
    Motorola Solutions
    Motorola Mobility Foundation
    Ms. Serena L. Moy
    Mozilla Foundation
    Mr. Sundeep Mullangi
    Mr. Stanley Muravchick
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Murrow
    Ms. Katherine Musbach
    Ms. Susan B. Muzzy
    Ms. Sejal Shah-Myers and Mr. Matthew Myers

  • N

    Ms. Leena Nanda
    National Philanthropic Trust
    Ms. Susan Cellmer and Mr. Jeffrey C. Neal
    Herman W. Nelson Trust
    Network for Good
    Ms. Kristi Nguyen
    Ermina Carry Nicholson Trust
    Mr. Daniel J. Nielsen
    Ms. Evette Cardona and Ms. Mona Noriega
    Northeast Illinois Cattlemen’s Association
    The Northern Trust Company
    Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program at The Chicago Community Foundation
    Northwestern University
    Norwottock Charitable Trust
    Not-For-Profit Resources, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Notebaert
    Numark Credit Union
    Bill Nygren Foundation

  • O

    Mr. Timothy J. O’Connor
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. O’Connor
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Donoghue
    Mr. and Mrs. John O’Laughlin
    Dr. Nora C. O’Malley
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis O’Malley
    Mr. and Mrs. Leon Oberlander
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ochsenhirt
    Ms. Roselle A. Olea
    Ms. Kathleen Osberger
    Ms. Suzan S. Halabi and Mr. Anas Osman

  • P

    Ms. Lauren Pabst
    Ms. Elizabeth Garibay and Ms. Bonnie Paisley
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Parise
    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Parker
    Barbara Parson Trust
    Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
    Mr. and Mrs. William T. Patterson
    Ms. Mary Pattillo
    Mr. Jeffrey C. Paulson
    Jeffrey Pearsall Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Pearsall
    Joseph Pedott Revocable Trust
    Ms. Audrey R. Peeples
    Ms. Kathy Pelz and Mr. Richard Pelz
    Robert P. Perkaus R /O IRA
    Robert H. Perkins Trust
    Perkins Coie Foundation
    Dr. Stuart Perlik
    Mr. Ronald P. Perlman
    The PERT Foundation
    Ms. Jamie Phillippe
    Kathryn R. Pick Revocable Trust
    Mrs. Grant D. Pick
    Pierce Family Charitable Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pilcher Jr.
    Planning Inc.
    Mr. Greg Platt
    Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Plonsker
    PNC Foundation
    The PNC Financial Services Group
    Stephen T. Podjasek Dynasty Trust
    John F. Podjasek III Dynasty Trust
    Jeffrey E. Podjasek Dynasty Trust
    Polk Bros. Foundation
    Ms. Sherry L. McFall and Mr. Kenneth J. Porrello
    Mrs. George F. Porretta
    Ms. Judith M. Porter
    Potbelly Sandwich Works
    Regina Lensing Prag Trust
    Preckwinkle for President
    Ms. Virginia O. Price
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Price
    Frederick H. Prince Testamentary Trust
    Mr. Matthew Pritzker
    Pritzker Foundation
    Pritzker Children’s Initiative c/o Pritzker Group
    The Private Bank and Trust Company

  • Q

    Quaker Oats Company
    Ms. Deborah Quazzo
    Ms. Dorothy Q. Quigg and Ms. Bonnie A. Brooks
    Ms. Christine Quigley and Mr. Jason Quigley

  • R

    Mr. Irwin Racine
    Mr. Aziz Rahman and Mrs. Rahman
    Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Raitt
    RAM II Revocable Trust
    Ramblin Corporation
    Mr. Jack Ramsey
    Ms. Viola M. Ramsay
    Ms. Ann Randich and Mr. Steven Randich
    Friends of Kwame Raoul
    Mr. Donald H. Ratner
    Ratner Companies
    Ms. Amy Z. Reavis and Mr. Marshall W. Reavis IV
    Red Bird Hollow Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Reed
    Michael Reese Health Trust
    Lucy J. Reinheimer Trust
    M and L Reinheimer
    Ms. Julie Kiefer and Mr. David B. Reinisch
    Mr. Kalman D. Resnick
    Ms. Katherine J. Cross and Mr. Andrew Ressler
    Retirement Plan Advisors LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Reusché
    Bob and Mary Reusché
    Ms. Cynthia M. Reusché
    Diane Reynolds Trust
    Ms. Diane Reynolds
    RGMA, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. William V. Ricchio Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ricketts
    D.H. Staley and Amberin Ash Ridge
    Mr. James R. Rink and Mrs. Susan M. Rink
    Ms. Amalia S. Rioja
    Mr. Brion Rittenberry and Mrs. Cynthia Rittenberry
    Mr. Michael F. Rittof
    Ms. Shaiza Rizavi
    Mr. Kevin C. Robbins
    Ms. Erin Roberts
    Mr. William T. Barker and Dr. June K. Robinson
    Ms. Alicia Romano and Mr. Brian F. Rocco
    Mr. William Rode and Mrs. Kathleen Rode
    Mr. Yair Rodriguez
    Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rodriguez
    Mr. Larry R. Rogers Jr.
    Ms. Desiree Rogers
    Ms. Susan Page Estes and Mr. Andrew Rojecki
    Romanek & Romanek
    The Rose Foundation
    Mrs. Merle A. Rosenberg
    Jeffrey S. Ross IRA
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander L. Ross
    Mr. Robert A. Roth
    Ms. Marcia Richman Roth
    Ms. Lorraine M. Rothermel
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rothschild
    Ms. Sharon Rothstein
    John & J eanne Rowe Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rowe
    Dr. Keith H. Rubin
    Mr. and Mrs. David Ruder
    Ms. Ellen A. Rudnick
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Ruiz

  • S

    S.A.G. Kenosha Development LLC
    S&C Foundation
    S&C Electric Company
    Mr. Yasir Sabri
    Mr. Mitchell Sacks
    Sacks Family Foundation
    Dr. Carol and Mr. Gene Saffold
    Mr. Bruce Sagan
    SAGE Products
    Ms. Shelley C. Gorson and Mr. Alan N. Salpeter
    Sanctuary Farms
    Satter Foundation
    Mr. Hammad Saudye
    Ms. Terri Voss and Mr. Jerry W. Savitt
    Patrick J. Scallon Trust
    Mr. Fred Schaffer
    Mr. James Schainuck
    Ms. Julie F. Schauer
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schiffer, M.D.
    Mr. Rick Schildgen and Mrs. J.A. Schildgen
    Mr. Christopher E. Schmaltz
    Dr. Scholl Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Schottland
    The John & Kathleen Schreiber Foundation
    Ms. Loretta Grennon and Mr. Stephen D. Schutt
    Mr. Timothy R. Schwertfeger
    Mr. John M. Scott and Mrs. Katherine Scott
    Frances C. Searle Trust
    John G. Searle Family Trust
    Segal Family Foundation
    SEIU Illinois Council
    Ms. Nancy T. Semerdjian
    Sentinus, LLC
    Serviceplus Insurance Agency Operation Account
    Seven ‘C’ Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Hitesh Shah
    Siebert Bradford Shank & C o. LLC
    Mr. James Shapiro
    Mr. Douglas Sharfstein
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Shaver
    Dr. Patrick Sheahan
    Ms. Jennifer M. Shefler
    Mr. Joe Shenton
    Leonard L. Sherman Rev Trust
    Ms. Rebecca Shi
    Ms. Ann T. Shields
    Ms. Caroline O. Shoenberger
    Rose L. Shure Trust
    Mr. M.A. Siddiqui
    Ms. Ann Silberman
    Ms Rita F. Bowdish and Ms. Rachel L. Simmons
    Adele S. Simmons
    Ms. Lois Ann Simms
    Mr. Danny G. Simpson and Mrs. Tricia L. Simpson
    Mr. Richard D. Sinsheimer
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sise
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slattery
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Slavin
    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl J. Sleep
    Ms. Stella R. Slinkard and D.R. Slinkard
    Linda Skoog Sluman Trust
    Jeffrey G. Sluman Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Sluman
    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Smith
    Mrs. Kenneth B. Smith
    Mr. Allen Smith
    The Society of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest
    Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates
    Ms. Marlene J. Booth and Mr. Aviam Soifer
    Solberg Manufacturing, Inc.
    The Sondheimer Family Charitable Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sorkin
    Ms. Jeanne Sorrentino
    Mr. Adrian Soto
    Special Care Orthopedics & Hand Surgery
    Spencer Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Christian Spesia
    Ms. Catherine L. Spevok
    Ms. Dominica Tallarico and Mr. David Spiega
    Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute
    Mr. Ryan Stafford
    Mr. Joseph Stafford
    Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    Stan’s Office Machines, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans
    Steans Family Foundation
    Ms. Susan Rogers and Mr. Richard E. Stephenson
    Ms. Jewel Stern
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Stern
    Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Sternberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Stetler
    Mr. Eric Stetler
    Stetler Law Group
    Stirling Charitable Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Stone
    The Leila & Mickey Straus Family Charitable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. John Streit
    Ms. Beverly Strellner
    Jean Stremmel IRA
    Ms. Jessica Strutz
    Ms. Catherine C. Stucka
    Ms. Barbara A. Stegmiller and Mr. Mark P. Sullivan
    Ms. Suzanne Hoban and Mr. John Sullivan
    Ms. Dorothy Turek and Mr. George P. Sullivan Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Sullivan Jr.
    Susan R. and John W. Sullivan Foundation
    Ms. Patricia E. Sullivan-Viniard
    Virginia A. Sutton Revocable Family Trust
    Ms. Virginia Svoboda
    Mr. Paul A. Svoboda
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Swab
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Swift
    Katharine Van Dusen Sylvester Trust

  • T

    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tallarovic
    Mr. Anthony J. Tangora
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Taubeneck
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Taylor II
    Ms. Michele Taylor
    Ms. Linda Q. Tejpaul
    Ms. Deborah H. Telman and Mr. Nigel F. Telman
    Mr. Gene L. Temkin
    Ms. Rebecca L. Ford Terry and Mr. Don Terry
    Edward R. Teske Revocable Living Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thanas
    Mr. Mark Thierer
    Mr. and Mrs. Sean W. Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Thompson
    TIAA CREF Financial Services
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Toledano
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Torres
    TransitCenter, Inc. Board Operating Account
    Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund
    Dennis W. Trettel Trust
    Turk Furniture
    Mr. Richard B. Turner

  • U

    U.S. Bank, N.A.
    Ms. Christy Uchida
    UFCW Local 951
    UFCW Local 700
    Ed Uihlein Family Foundation
    Mr. Nathan A. Ulery and Mrs. Kristen D. Ulery
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ullian
    Heart of Illinois United Way
    United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
    United Airlines Foundation
    University of Notre Dame
    University Club of Chicago
    Ms. Mary S. Urban
    Urban Partnership Bank
    Mr. Theodore M. Utchen

  • V

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Derveer
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Van Wiggeren
    Mrs. Herbert A. Vance
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
    Ms. Katherine A. Erwin and Mr. Dirk E. VanKoughnett
    Mr. Ryan VanMeter
    Ms. Diane C. Vasti and Mr. Nicholas Vasti
    Ms. Carmen Velasquez
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Veloric
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery S. Vender
    Mr. Frank Viggiano Jr. and Mrs. Kimberly E. Viggiano
    Ms. Kristin Carlson Vogen and Mr. Shawn Vogen
    The Voyager Group, LTD

  • W

    The W.F. Foundation
    Mr. John C. Waddell
    Ms. Pamela R. Wade
    Ms. Carrie Wagner and Mr. John Wagner
    Ms. Mary H. Waite
    The Walsh Foundation
    Mr. Richard C. Warner
    Warwick Foundation
    Ms. Susan Wasserman
    Mary A. Watson Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Weber
    Jerry W. Weber, Ph.D.
    Mr. Eric S. Weber, CPA and Mrs. Megan Weber
    Ms. Rafaela E. Weffer and Mr. Felipe N. Weffer
    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Weinsheimer
    Robert G. Weiss Family Foundation
    Mr. D.K. Welles Jr. and Mrs. H.J. Welles
    Ms. Angela M. Wells
    Wells Inc.
    Wells Fargo Bank
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wellstein
    Helen R. Wessels IRA
    West Monroe Partners
    Ms. Cheryl S. Rucker-Whitaker and Dr. Eric E. Whitaker
    Ms. Leslie Davis and Mr. Gregory A. White
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. White
    The Wieboldt Foundation
    Charlotte E. Wiedman Trust
    Ms. Constance J. Wilkie
    William Blair & Company LLC
    William Blair & Company Foundation
    Mr. Francis H. Williams
    Alfred Z. Winick Trust
    Ms. Rosemarie E. Winslow
    Winthrop Harbor School District #1
    Wintrust Financial Corporation
    Mrs. Arnold R. Wolff
    Mr. Milton M. Wood
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wood
    Wood Family Foundation Trust
    Woods Fund of Chicago
    Ms. Suzanne Wright
    William Wrigley Jr.
    WVON-AM Midway Broadcasting Corp.

  • Y

    Mr. Joseph Yashon

  • Z

    Ms. Bobette B. Zacharias
    Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin, P.C. Attorneys at Law
    Ms. Emma D. Zingone
    Grace A. Zuba Trust
    Ms. Sonia M. Zugel and Ms. Christian M. Zugel
    Mr. Joel Zychick