On The Table

Meet. Share. Do.

What will you do with On the Table? Get together – face-to-face – with other thinkers and doers to find common ground and common cause. Then, move your ideas from the table to places all around Chicago to make powerful things happen. Be engaged in a movement of thousands of Chicago-area residents who are building relationships and taking action to benefit our neighborhoods and the public good. Join the movement now.

On May 16, 2017, nearly 100,000 people engaged with On the Table through social media, at workshops, or at mealtime conversations throughout the region. As part of this fourth annual On the Table, participants from every ZIP code in the region opened up to one another, sharing great ideas for what our communities need to prosper and to thrive.

Learn more about the ideas shared and the event’s impact in the On the Table 2017 report.

After the Table

The Acting Up awards aim to bring the creative ideas that rise from conversations to life. For the past two years, On the Table participants have been invited to pitch their ideas, winning microgrants to put those ideas into action. Learn more about the projects coming to life through Acting Up.

Your voice matters. Learn more about On the Table today: