Nuestro Futuro

Supporting Latinos From their Earliest Years

Leaders of the region’s Latino community united with the Trust in Nuestro Futuro – “Our Future.” This initiative enables the Latino community to pool resources for greater impact in addressing problems of common concern. Nuestro Futuro’s goals are to involve more Latinos in philanthropy, and to support the organizations and programs improving the quality of life of Latinos in metropolitan Chicago. Through its grant making, Nuestro Futuro supports capacity building and community-based early care and educational programs that help provide the foundation for the academic excellence of Latino children.


To support Nuestro Futuro, you can make a gift to Latino Heritage Endowment Fund. Donors pool their resources in this endowment for greater giving power. You can donate online using a credit card, or contact us for other options.

You can also start an individual fund. Families, groups or individuals establish their own funds to ensure that programs advancing the Latino community thrive into the future. Contact us to learn about starting your personalized charitable fund.

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Antonio Martinez, Jr., Director of Development

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Nuestro Futuro supports the vital work of nonprofit organizations making a difference in the lives of Latinos living in the Chicago region. In the last 10 years, more than $2 million has been granted to organizations working in the areas of basic human needs, education, community development, the arts and, more recently, early childhood education and capacity building. Currently, Nuestro Futuro steering committee members are reviewing grant priorities and will not be accepting grant applications for the 2017 fiscal year.

Please check back for updates in the summer of 2017.