Illinois Immigration Funders Collaborative

Supporting Younger Immigrants to Learn, Work and Thrive

The Illinois Immigration Funders Collaborative (IFC) is the new name of the Illinois Funders DACA Relief Initiative (IDRI). Begun in 2012 to respond to DACA—which allows younger immigrants to apply for a temporary shield from deportation, enabling them to live and work legally in the United States—IFC is now preparing to respond to possible new executive action. Through the pooled contributions of twelve local funders and foundations, IFC has awarded nearly $1.2 million to 31 nonprofits since 2012. Most IFC grants support legal services that help DACA applicants ensure their eligibility and assist with applications; grants have also been made to support technical assistance and community outreach. Currently, new donors are being sought to extend and expand grant making in 2015.

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Alice Cottingham
IFC Project Manager